Guru Admin/Key Stakeholder leaving what?

  • 14 December 2021
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If an admin is leaving the Company, how can we transition their role/tasks? What is the offboarding process like?


What automatically happens in Guru if employee email address rendered inactive? 

What can we do manually to ensure a smooth transition?


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Hi @Sara Escamilla 

This is a great question and I hope you will find my answer here helpful as a starting point. I’ll share some tips and pointers that may come in handy when you learn your main Guru point person is departing. 

Reassignment: If you anticipate removing a user, it will be helpful to reassign verification responsibilities of their Cards in the Card Manager prior to removing them.

Removal: After reassigning all verification responsibilities, you’ll want to manually remove the user from Guru in team settings so that it will not count as using one of your contracted licenses (seats). Also, is this admin’s email the email that Guru invoices? If so, you’ll want to update that.

Open Items: If it is possible to work with the Admin prior to their departure, determine any open items the Admin was working on. Collect notes on any work-in-progress cards, collections, and projects. 

Replacement: Determine interim or long-term replacement(s). Have them go through Guru Admin Academy. Also, if you only have one admin, you should consider having 1 person from each relevant department be an admin or a few people from a single department if you’re primarily using Guru for one team. 

Communication: Consider alerting / talking with Collection Owners to get up to speed on any in-progress or upcoming planned projects.

Governance: Do you have an internal Knowledge Council in place? If not, now is the time! A Knowledge Council will meet regularly to maintain Guru at the highest level and ensure it is serving the needs of each department. When one admin leaves, the group can support the transition to a new admin. 

Support: You’re not alone! Reach out to Guru for help where needed! You can find answers in our Help Center, work directly with our Support team, or post here in the Community. 


To the teams out there who have worked through transitions, what do you think? Anything to add to this list? 

This is really helpful. We had our admin leave suddenly and we had to scramble to figure out what to do and looking back I should have checked here!