Guru and Salesforce Community Experts

  • 26 November 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving all. Looking to connect with someone who has both Guru & Salesforce Communities as a vital part to operations to a Service/Support structure. Please shoot me a DM

5 replies

Happy thanksgiving! If you hear from anyone, I'd be curious too? Are you in Support Driven or CMX @jason.collette? Happy to post there for you, I'm sure there are some folks who'd be happy to chat.
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@chrisanderson - I am in SD but not CMX. I can tackle the former if you can assist with the latter. Thanks so much!
Done @jason.collette, will let you know what I find out! I know Intercom recently launched its Interconnected community via Salesforce Communities I believe, but it's relatively new and I'm not 100% sure how it factors into the Support team operations. @laura.jolly anything you can share on this by chance?
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Yeah! We have a separate Community leader who managed the rollout and ongoing engagement, but our support team that covers social also engages in the community. We're experimenting with making the community a vital part of our free/low spend customer segment, to help users get answers from the community while prioritizing faster/personalized support for higher spend segments, or critical issues. I'm not active in the community myself, but we have a tiger team of support people in there.
Awesome to hear! We're in the early stages of thinking about our community, or a facet of it, in a similar way actually re: support for free and low spend customers. @laura.jolly if anyone on the Support side would be up for chatting at some point, I'd love to learn more!