Guru App in Front - Web based layout vs Chrome Extension layout

  • 27 October 2022
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Hello!  We are a newer company using Guru and are LOVING it so far.  However, we have the majority of our users utilizing the Chrome Extension and we really enjoy the functionality of searching, cards viewed, multiple cards open in tabs for ease of moving between them and the other features of the extension.  We then have a smaller set of users who are utilizing the Front app as their body of work have them in Front more and the way the Front App layouts obviously is basically the web based layout.  The same features we love in the Chrome Extension do not function.  One of the big ones is how when you have multiple cards open and they are in a tabs and you can easily move between them.  Another is the filter feature causes problems when open and limits the full view in the Front App.  Finally it isn’t as easy to find your favorites and agents love that quick easy access in the Chrome Extension.  Our company will be moving to living more robustly out of Front for all frontline agents in a few months and I am really worried that their ease of use in the Chrome Extension going away bc of the big differences in the Front App will cause frustrations and could impact our adoption/trust scores.  Is there a reason the Front App is built out the way it is and not the same as the Chrome Extension?  

2 replies

Hi, I completely agree, the current implementation of Guru in the Front plugin is really bad. Not even really a plugin, simply an embed of the guru web interface. Even some competing apps without dedicated plugins work better through embedding. Having the equivalent interface from the chrome extension (even without the tabs) would make it useable. 

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@Steph Hardy @Maria Matysik this came up in a convo today as we are digging into some features with Front.  I was explaining to my boss how we can use Guru in Front via the App, but how there are some funky things that agents don’t love.  I said I would find this and ping on it again. I know the web app has had some updates...looking at it now I think the biggest issue is the way multiple cards open up in the extension to move between them in a tabs.