Guru author no longer with the company

  • 22 July 2022
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I have several cards that have been created by an individual who is no longer with our company.
As an admin, I cannot archive these cards. Is there a way to change the author?


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5 replies

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I just hit this roadblock too! Very frustrating since the content is straight up WRONG :( 

Help please, Guru team! 

@Cheryl Parrett and @Shona Fenner sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! Have you removed the user(s) from your Guru account who are no longer working there? After removing the user(s), are you not able to select the Cards in Card Manager and archive them? If you don’t mind sharing a screenshot of where you’re getting stuck that would be helpful, and we’ll figure out the solution with you ASAP!

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Hey @Chris Anderson

For us, that user is no longer in Guru.

I could’ve sworn using Card Manager to attempt to archive didn’t work earlier today… but I just went in AND IT WORKED! Problem solved. It would be handy to add that to the help article around archiving cards :) 

Yay so glad it’s working for you @Shona Fenner! And thanks for the feedback, we should be able to make that help article update next week 👍🏻

Good morning @Chris Anderson Same scenario as @Shona Fenner 
The user is no longer a Guru member and when I tried to archive the card it self nothing happened and then I went to card manager and no success. Yet now it worked! I agree with Shona’s recommendation to update the archive article.Thanks for your quick response!