Guru homepage as your essential start of the day

  • 12 June 2023
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Good morning. 

I have been using the free version of Guru for the past 30 days and I’ve watched several of the Guru help resources. We are going to launch Guru in July and there is something that I don’t find back particularly.

My intention is that Guru, next to a cup of coffee, becomes an essential part of the morning routine of our employees. Besides starting up your e-mail client, Guru is the first thing you open on your browser. It should not only be a knowledge base but also function as a place where people find newsletters, company announcements, quick links, features cards, success stories on new projects or fares… etc.

As I see it now, the Guru homepage is a way to push some articles to you which might be relevant. But that will not motivate them to keep Guru open the whole day.

Thanks in advance in your advice and tips you can share. Really looking forward to getting Guru up and running in our company.

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