Guru searches photos for words now?!

  • 26 April 2023
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Holy moly! A teammate just discovered that Guru will read photos for words and surface those cards in the search results. I tested by attaching nothing more than an image of a flowchart to a card and then searching for key words within that image. The results surfaced!! 😲


To my knowledge, this hasn’t always been the case. Is this a recent development? I couldn’t find anything in the community board to reference this very impressive feature!

2 replies

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Hi @Reba Mitchell

I’m glad this is so helpful for your team 🙌🏻 ! 

Our search functionality has been doing this for at least two years. We updated the Help Center article about search indexing last year to make this clearer. There are specific requirements attachments and media must meet for Guru to be able to extract text that can be added to the search index (listed in the article). Perhaps something has recently changed about the files you’re attaching? 

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Oh wow! So cool! Thank you for sharing that article-- I’ll be sure to stick with the compatible files from now on! 🕺