Has anyone created a custom Knowledge Sync with an unlisted app?

  • 15 October 2020
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Hi Everyone - QQ regarding Knowledge Syncs - has anybody done one with an app that's not part of the current/official list? Did you use content migration periodically instead? The app we're thinking about is RFPIO.

4 replies

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Hi Mirna! If your content in RFPIO can be exported in either HTML or Markdown format, you could leverage our Manual Sync API to build this out, which you can set up to automatically sync content from an external source into a read-only collection! I know @kelly.parks's team built one from their Help Center and @davemengel at Github built a sync from their internal Github Repo's.
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Thank you, @mhouston! I'll take a look.
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yes we have one built out if you need any help feel free to ping me 🙂

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@kelly Does your sync automatically create new cards in Guru when new content is added to your external source?