Has your team built really cool FAQs in Guru?

  • 22 April 2021
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Who built really cool FAQs in Guru? I know there was a discussion sometime somewhat recently (but really, what is time anymore?) I'm looking to put together an FAQ around specific topics and I am curious if you've done this in your instance? What does your structure look like? How do you utilize the Sections and Board Groups?

5 replies

Hey @John McKoll sorry for the delay on this one! We have a Product FAQs & Customer Responses Board (in our CX Collection) currently, with Sections for each product area, and we use a for all of the Cards:screenshot2021-04-28at72050pm_5799.png
Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow up questions. Does anyone else capture FAQs in a different way? Share your examples so we can learn from each other
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Thanks, Chris!
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:wave_tone3: is there a FAQ template which can be used this is particuarly useful when we are rolling out new projects etc

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@Desiree Santos Hey Desiree! I think this Project Summary Template could be a helpful template for you to check out. It provides a breakdown of the project goals, timelines, and involved stakeholders.