Has your team considered using Guru for professional development?

  • 29 October 2020
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Happy tips and tricks Thursday!! 🌟
Has your team considered using Guru for professional development? Here at Guru, our People Ops team uses Guru *to advertise professional development opportunities and include summaries/relevant links after the session in Guru Cards*. Here's a recent example, where we had an excellent training about developing a growth mindset :brain::
Does your team use Guru for professional development? If not, are there ways you could expand Guru to be used in this way? Let us know down below!! ⬇image_5112.png

4 replies

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Sounds interesting! How do you notify the team that these kind of Cards were created? Is it a knowledge alert, or Slack/email with a link to the card?
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We've been thinking about using Guru in this way with our team. but in a slightly different way. We often can find it a long process to folks to help contribute towards projects/one off tasks which tie in with member's of Supports career interests, we were thinking along the lines of folks creating "Growth Plan Profiles" which individual would be responsible for updating to make sure they have high visibility for their interests and using tags to highlight interests and skills. The tags would be how drivers of projects can find folks to help out, either via search or the Card Manager, with matched interests. Still at the ideas stage at the moment, but curious to see what everyone else says.
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@kfretz My apologies for the late response here! Typically our People Ops team uses Guru's Slack integration to post the Card directly in the appropriate channel so we all know when an event is coming up, but we also use Knowledge Alerts internally for other company announcements!
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@jessica.valerogil I *love* this idea!! Our Support team has not used Guru to share own own personal interests (we've leaned more towards resource sharing - for example, we also use Guru to document notes from webinars we go to, for example, so that folks can search for them in the future) but I definitely think that each user could have a Card with their own goals or interests.