Hey Everyone, I have had a few employees request a "personal collection" only a..

  • 7 December 2020
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Hey Everyone,
I have had a few employees request a "personal collection" only accessible to them. They mentioned that this would be a good place for them to store more confidential information and have a place to draft documents before moving them to a new collection.
Has anyone else tried this? How did it work out? I'm not sure whether it would be helpful or add even more places for documents to hide

5 replies

I wonder if just saving WIP cards as Drafts would solve for this? Any rough idea of how many of these private/personal cards employees would likely have, and whether or not organizing them (e.g., in Boards) would be important?
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Just as a thought, I'd venture to say it's probably ideal to use their own GDocs or Drive for that type of stuff.
I'd just caution you to be aware of the "undernet" effect that can happen, where people start building the habit of storing knowledge on their own, outside of Guru, when it really could be valuable for many more people, and you lose the ability to verify that knowledge and gain insights into how it's being used. For draft documents, I suggest using Guru's Drafts functionality.
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Totally makes sense, Chris!
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We don't typically have personal private collections - but we do this for teams internal knowledge that is only relevant to them. :slightlysmilingface: