How are people using Guru for communicating about returning to the office?

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🏢 Has anyone started getting ready for back to office (physical) planning and will be using Guru to for communication plans? Any in person events or retreats coming up where new protocols and processes need to be outlined?

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+1 on this! Really curious how folks are managing comms around that. We're exploring a hybrid option as offices start opening up!
Great topic @deborah! Here are some templates we've started using at Guru if it's helpful for others:
@katie.vermilyea @mirna.lessinger @mark.eckstein @greta.goldberg hope all is well! Any plans for reopening your respective offices?
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👋 Hey @chrisanderson et. al! I'm co-piloting this with our Workplaces person and here's what we're doing:
• We have an *LMS e-learning* that users are required to go through. This gives them a chance to install and test our new desk reservation systems and gate people coming into the office who HAVEN'T taken the training.
• We're using *Guru for reference material* related to the RTO strategy, so a TLDR for procedures that were introduced in the LMS guide. We plan on updating the cards as our phases change.
• We also have individual *location cards* for each office that lists the office admin/hours/building information
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I'll add that all social events are clearly communicated as optional and are being hosted at off-site, outdoor spaces (nothing indoors).
Nice, thanks so much for sharing @katie.vermilyea! It's so interesting hearing how different company's plans are coming together :slightlysmilingface: