How are teams encouraging getting knowledge out of Slack and into Guru?

  • 12 May 2023
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Hi All - 

I’m currently wondering how people are encouraging team members to get knowledge out of Slack when appropriate (in our case, when knowledge is stable and not as much a WIP or draft)? Slack is our primary communication tool, but we have important info that never makes it out and into our KB in Guru. 

Perhaps I set up a channel where employees can link to Slack conversations that need to get in Guru, and I can then start a card for the appropriate team and assign an individual or group to verify that migration of knowledge? This will be more helpful when collaborative drafts are live because then I don’t even have to publish them. But I think a major key is how do I encourage/facilitate action?

What are other knowledge mangers/teams/companies doing? What workflows have been successful?


@Michael Mocerino

1 reply

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@Michael Mocerino if you have any insight on what other teams are doing, perhaps we can chat about them at our check-in tomorrow?