How can i include a speficic url to guru knowlege base

  • 9 July 2024
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Guru is all about knowledge.

We have a lot of specific knowledge inhouse but google has even more knowledge. 

there are some website which have all the information we need and could almost copy paste  certain pages as cards into our GetGuru.

Now if we do that we would have to update the gards evey so often to keep it updated in guru (to update guru in case changes have accured on this specific website.

As getguru is an AI tool there must be a better solution to this.

How do i include pecific URL’s (e.g. Government website) in our own knowledge base to make sure those websites / urls are being included in finding an answer for us.



1 reply

Hi Martin,

Ha​ley here with our Digital Customer Solutions team!

You are able to add those links onto a Guru Card? While this may not help the team pull an answer from the link, it does get them to the page they need on the external website. 

Are these websites one in which you manage? Do you know how often the site is updated? I’m wondering if the sites can be exported, saved, and connected to Guru as a source (via knowledge repository). ​​​​​​