How can you use Guru and a customer help website?

  • 11 January 2021
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Hi, we're a guru org and I would love to use guru to power our customer help website. Is there an easy way to do this with Guru? And/or what does the team at guru do to power ?
Some context:
• We use salesforce for our CRM
• We currently use salesforce for our customer support ticketing
• We currently use salesforce knowledgebase for our help site but IMO it has a terrible UI (internal and customer facing), is not easy to manage, and has poor search functionality.
Appreciate any suggestions related to this on how you might handle or what you might suggest here 🙏.

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5 replies

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Ooh! I'd love to hear the response to this, too! We are working to build our help center, and we have a few articles on Intercom, but it's definitely not as robust or user friendly as I'd like.
I'd love to hear about some companies who use Guru for their customer facing help center and their experience in creating it! ❤
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Interested as well! commenting for the responses :slightlysmilingface:
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Hi @Meir Rotenberg - we at Guru leverage our own API to publish cards into third party Help Center tools. Documentation . For example, we use for our Developer Documentation. Our CX/Professional Services Engineers built a script that takes the cards in a specific board and publishes the markdown files of our Use Case cards into ReadMe. See Screenshots below for illustrated purposes.
Requires engineering resources and would need to see if Salesforce Knowledge's API could support this workflow, but we have seen other customers take this approach for externalizing to their help centers.image_5364.png
Are there are integrations that guru has that can avoid using API. Ex: create a card and publish it to zendesk?
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At this time we do not have any publishing integrations. I will forward this to our product team as feedback though!