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  • 10 February 2021
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:wave: Hey folks! Looking for any advice or guidance on how to use Guru with so the tools complement one another rather than cause confusion about where to document what. The fact that the two don't integrate (to my knowledge) is a bit of a stumbling block for us so far.

6 replies

Hi @amelia! Thanks for raising this. Could you share a bit more about the ideal state you're looking to create (or the challenge you're hoping to solve)? I'm copying in @cynthia @jess392 and @scott, who all work at and are amazing :slightlysmilingface: I'm guessing they'll have some tips to share. Also, do you happen to use Zapier or Workato <@U01LQEWP20P>? We're just starting an ipaas beta program focused on Guru's beta Zapier and Workato connectors, which could open up lots of workflow automations between Guru <> in addition to other apps. cc @mhouston
Hey Chris! Thanks for the quick response. Our company only recently rolled out monday, so I'm still creating guidelines for when to use monday versus Guru versus the G Suite. Specific to integrations, it'd be cool if we could integrate Guru into monday much like how we integrated the G Suite, so someone could reference a Guru template card for example when they're kicking off a project in monday.
And so far no, I haven't made use of Zapier or Workato but I'm open to suggestions about how to employ them!
Got it! You might also find helpful, which unpacks how we're improving internal communications at Guru, including a visual on how we use Slack + proj. management (e.g., or Asana) + Google Docs + Guru for very specific purposes. Zapier and Workato basically let you easily create workflow automations between lots of different apps through their APIs. has lots of supported triggers and actions in Zapier it looks like, see attached screenshot (I'm a big Zapier user, haven't used Workato personally yet). So for example you can quickly set up a workflow like this: when a Guru card goes unverified, set up a task and assign it to the right person automatically (just as an example). Part of our ipaas beta is to work through various use cases and gather feedback, so it might be up your alley if you decide Zapier or Workato is worthwhile?screenshot2021-02-10at111822am_1164.png
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Hi @amelia! I'm Jess from :slightlysmilingface:
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We are also using Guru internally now for about five months. We are also still working through the "what goes where" question. As of now, we've defined Guru as our place for policies, procedures, how-to's, guides, and "dry/stale" information. Anything that is active work, we keep in our own monday.monday account.