How do engineering teams use Guru? đź’ˇ

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Need some ideas for how to best organize your engineering team collection in Guru?


We've got you covered! In a recent Deep Dive, we split into breakout rooms to discuss how different teams use Guru.


Staying competitive with up-to-date knowledge

@Ryan Yurkanin , Guru Engineer, will share how the engineering team uses Guru to collaborate and deliver the ultimate knowledge management solution.

He covered:

  • The engineering team collection structure
  • Cards hosting coding information to support the engineering workflow
  • Cross-functional documentation to support collaboration 


Get a closer look at Guru’s Engineering collection:



 Get a closer look at Ryan’s Cross-Functional Team Guide:


How do your engineering teams use Guru? Get the conversation started below!


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Media not available but I would LOVE to watch this, can someone help? 

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Hi @Rachel Smith, thanks for catching this! I’ve just sent a copy of the video directly to you and you should see a message in your email. 🙌