How do I provide a url to an anchored section?

  • 26 January 2022
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I saw this article already.  But I can’t seem to get the anchor link to work in a url.  For example, if I wanted to give my colleague a url to a specific anchor, the url loads up fine, but it doesn’t anchor.

Here is a more explicit example: If I put an anchor called “aboutDogs” in my guru card, when I click on the url (for example - the url loads up fine -  but the browser doesn’t skip to the About Dogs section.

How can I provide a url to an anchored section?

2 replies

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Hi @Meng ! Thank you for asking this question.


As I understand it, you wish to be able to link your team to a specific Card section. You have set up the markdown feature to include that section in the table of contents (example here) but when you try to pull the URL you’re not able to load the Card specifically at that section. Is that correct? 


If so, I have a few recommendations for you. While your request isn’t something we’re able to do in Markdown, I’d recommend: 


  1. Utilizing the table of contents feature in Markdown. When sharing internally, reference the exact section you want your colleagues to jump to. As soon as they get to the Card, they can click that section. While this might feel like an extra step, it hopefully won’t cause confusion or add too much time to their time spent finding answers to their question. 
  2. If you are concerned about timing/what them to be able to go directly to the information, I’d consider taking a step back to your content hierarchy and leveraging sections within your board. You can link directly to a section, or you can link to a Card specifically itself.
  3. If you feel strongly about keeping all information on one Card, but are concerned readers will get lost in content, you can utilize the markdown feature to create collapsible sections like this example. A little more complex, but it’s an option!


Here’s an example of alternative #2: 

Original Card: 

Alternative (Breaking Card information out to multiple sections and Cards)


Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have further questions.

Okay - thank you for your response