How do other teams use the Q&A feature?

  • 8 March 2021
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Hi Everyone! 👋:skin-tone-4:
My team and I are exploring the *Ask an Expert* feature.
1. Does anyone use this feature? If so - how does your team use the functionality?
2. Do you have experts answering the questions?
3. Do you have an SLA on when questions need to be answered by?

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2 replies

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Dropping in my two cents as the opposite user: we don't use the feature, because our workflow is to ask the question on slack first (and our Subject Matter Experts/SMEs are actively monitoring those slack channels). We're very used to using Slack first, the channel is public to everyone so folks can see the questions being asked in case theirs is similar. SLA is usually a lot faster on Slack because we're all living in there.
Will also add that we direct folks to comment on Guru cards to flag knowledge gaps/updates.
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We use the Ask an Expert feature, almost exclusively.
1. Basically anything more than a small typo, we use this feature.
2. Yes, each of our support sub-teams has a knowledge expert, and they assign these requests out to their team members based on workload, expertise, interest, etc.
3. We have a timeline for when the request needs to be acknowledged by, because depending the scope of the request it may need something (like video visuals) that take a while. Knowledge Processes  Guru 2021-03-08 at 11.09.28 AM