How do you ask your team for feedback about Guru?

  • 2 December 2020
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I'm curious how folks solicit feedback about Guru from your teams, particularly after rolling out (e.g., on content organization, collections/boards you've set up, card templates, etc.). Have you sent out a survey, held a debrief meeting, created a Slack/Teams channel for feedback, all of the above? Any examples or templates you can share?

15 replies

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We solicit people to give us ad hoc feedback as well as getting feedback from people and teams as they onboard.
Beyond that we've circulated some surveys to get a sense of sentiment, perceived use, and level of comfort with Guru and it's features.
Nice, thanks @jacob.touchette! How do you capture ad hoc feedback, or is it more unstructured and informal?
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more unstructured. We'll direct people to a slack channel where they can drop their feedback to us
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Great question! We do surveys, and then I also did a sort of "focus group" with all our teams, where I gave our managers a list of questions to facilitate discussion and they all produced notes for me to review. It
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we've also used user interviews to collect feedback, but that's usually as part of a specific project, like when we built out the tag structure originally
Love these ideas!
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I send monthly Guru Update emails and every quarter that email includes a Google Form asking the following:
1. Has using Guru gotten _______? (multiple choice: Worse, Same, Better)
2. I find what I need in Guru ______. (multiple choice: Never, Infrequently, Sometimes, Often, Always)
3. I'd like to see ________ (free form answers here)
Thus far I've sent it out twice but lack input from specific teams I'm dying to hear more from like marketing and engineering.
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We do quarterly Guru surveys for the entire org, and also a survey for all folks that onboard with/via Guru!
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We have folks that chime in with questions/requests in a public Guru Slack channel. That's also where we post updates about new features, so folks tend to feel comfortable chiming in there with feedback. We also have our monthly Guru Committee meetings with at least 1 stakeholder from each team represented. We have a standard agenda and includes product release info where applicable; the team also has the ability to add specific questions or feedback.
When we initially rolled out Guru last year, we had a series of implementation meetings with each team and collected feedback at that point. This year, when we added in a new team, we did the same implementation series, which was an informal way of collecting feedback.
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Survey the team 2x a year and have a section of our team meetings dedicated to Guru-related conversations
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We also have surveys 2x a year, as well as a public slack channel for people to post questions/clarifications/make suggestions on cards.
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We just rolled out Guru at my organization and I’m working on sending out a survey to collect some feedback - would love some thoughts on additional questions I might add here that others have used in their surveys:

  • Rate how comfortable you are with using Guru (scale)
  • I find what I’m looking for in Guru… Sometimes, Never, or Always
  • Which do you utilize the most? Slack app, web app, or Chrome Extension

Would love some ideas on other valuable pieces of feedback to ask for!


Great to hear @Valerie Renda! Here’s a sample survey folks on our customer success team has developed with several of our customers (the Google Forms link is to an actual survey you can copy as well). If anyone else has survey examples or questions they can share, please do!

I’d love to see the sample survey from your customer success team @Chris Anderson, but the link is broken for me. Can you share it again please? 



Sorry about that @AEstrich, should be working now!