How do you clarify what product information is meant for internal use only vs. what can be shared with customers?

  • 19 October 2021
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Hey Guru community! How do you structure and utilize Collections, Boards and Cards to separate internal knowledge vs externally sharable information, specifically when it comes to product and feature information?

At Guru, we have a feature breakdown card (template up for grabs here) where we specifically note "can we talk about this" and "how to talk about it".

What other techniques do you use to organize, structure and create distinctions?

@Brianna Zoffka (Carta) @Renee Osgood  (Ceros) @Cynthia how does this show up for your teams?

2 replies

We loop that into our card naming convention, along with the department and general title. For example, a card made by our Customer Success team for internal circulation could be “CS | How to update your menu | INT”. An article meant for external circulation would use “EXT”. An article meant for both could have “INT + EXT”.

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Oh those are great suggestions! We do something similar to Guru in that we section out any internal facing notes, and have that highlighted in the red color to also stand out.

When we do have any messaging that is for external facing facing teams, we usually include that in the title  similar to Ben, labeling it something like “Customer Messaging for XYZ”.