How do you collect proof of reading Cards?

  • 30 July 2020
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Not sure if someone has already said this. My HR person is wanting me to use Trainual in addition to Guru (or instead of). The reason being is that she wants us to use Trainual for our employee handbook so that people can sign off on having reviewed different aspects of it. Does Guru do this or is there anything on the roadmap to have people sign off on having reviewed cards? I need to document that policies have been reviewed somehow. I COULD work around it... but it would be a bit cumbersome. Any ideas? Thanks!

5 replies

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You can see who viewed cards under the details tab of each card as well as run a report. Announcements might be cumbersome but could be used for certain cards (maybe a summary card that says "i have read all of the following listed Very Important Card :wink: ". Do an announcement on it and then you have a report they agreed to it.

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I actually use our LMS for occasions where we are sharing material we have to ensure they pay attention to--we embed the card/cards and there's an e-signature function. This came in handy for our harassment training and we were also able to add additional context surrounding the card and assign a due date. But for light updates, @siobhan is spot-on with the announcements!

If it's helpful for anyone, here's a help article as well.

Hi @amara, I frequently advise on breaking down long form documents such as playbooks, handbooks and SOPs (most commonly) so that they can be easily find-able in Guru. The idea is to break down specific subjects into single cards, a Board can be the entire Handbook for instance, with sections to denote chapters/sections in the Handbook. You can then have 2 cards at the beginning, one to summarise the document and why its required reading. And one to use as a Contents or Landing card (i.e. Links to the relevant cards created). I think either would be suitable to send an announcement, and the comment can inform on the need.


Ok good options. Thanks all! I was going to try announcements and I like the idea of breaking the handbook down especially so that they can search for policies easily versus having to read the whole thing at once. Thanks all.