How do you document project information in Guru?

  • 15 September 2021
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Hey everyone, happy Wednesday! How do you all document project information in Guru? I'd love to see some examples. And if certain teams don't document project info. in Guru, where does that documentation live typically?


Here are two examples of how we’re doing this currently (there’s likely an opportunity to consolidate these actually):

  1. How our product/design/engineering (PDE) teams document projects (e.g., new feature specs)

    Our PDE project summary Card template


  2. How some go-to-market (GTM) teams document projects (e.g., demand generation campaigns, customer educations & engagement programs, research, experiments)

    Our GTM project summary Card template


We document projects like this for a few reasons:

  1. It helps get all stakeholders on the same page right from the outset of a project.

  2. It becomes a source of truth for the project. If anyone has a question about the project, the project summary Card is a trusted resource to find all of the details (questions can be worked out via Card commenting).

  3. It clarifies what the project is intended to accomplish, how it will support company goals, and how success will be measured.

  4. It explains who does what, and where to find the project plan and timeline.

Look forward to seeing examples from others!

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Here’s a full example of a project summary Card we have for the Comment Threading project (feature) we launched a few months ago (shout out to @Sandy Tran 🙌🏻):

@Zev Zoldan @Sarah W @Deborah Sanderfur @Alyssa Huat @Ian Link and others, would love to see any examples and input you’re able to share :relaxed:

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Actually, our project management practices are decentralized, given how large our company has scaled. We actually utilize for tracking projects, but are in the process of creating automations between and Guru to simplify knowledge management for processes/projects.

Got it, that makes sense, thanks @Alyssa Huat! Excited to hear about the automations you’re creating, please share what you’ve cooked up in API & Integrations if/when it makes sense (we’re all hungry for inspiration!).

Speaking of, looping in @Jessica Saranich and @Cynthia, curious if you all use Guru to document project details/results alongside managing them in of course :wink: ?

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We have recently moved to for both our Product (@Amanda Labby) and our Implementations teams. I would love to hear more about connecting and Guru together. I feel we could do a much better job of Project Summary creation.