How do you invite new hires to Guru?

  • 11 April 2022
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I tried going the Zapier route to automatically invite new users to Guru but am not able to filter for those that only join my team in the org.


Does everyone else just manually invite, or do you use other methods?





Best answer by Joe Duffy 20 April 2022, 20:36

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3 replies

We manually invite our new team members but created custom verbiage to tell the user that they’ll be meeting with a member of the Project Management Office to review the Guru initiative in our organization during their new hire orientation. 

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Hey @Alice Jin 👋

I remember brainstorming this one with you a couple months back, but since your use case involves inviting someone to Guru if they join a specific Slack channel (as opposed to joining your Slack team in general), we were struggling to come up with a solution since the Slack triggers in Zapier don’t allow for that.

However, I found some more helpful tools on Slack’s website - they have a member_joined_channel webhook that you could create. You could set up something in Zapier that listens for that webhook, and if the channel = XYZ, then look up the user to get their email address from Slack, then use the Guru: Invite User action in Zapier.

Here’s an example of the payload you’d get from the member_joined_channel webhook:

"type": "member_joined_channel",
"user": "W06GH7XHN",
"channel": "C0698JE0H",
"channel_type": "C",
"team": "T024BE7LD",
"inviter": "U123456789"

Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any questions!



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Thanks Joe! Will speak to our IT guy and see what we can do - appreciate this!