How do you manage "public card sharing" for collections?

  • 12 July 2021
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Great question from @Ashley W. that I wanted to pull in here (curious what others think!):

Curious how other companies manage the ‘public card sharing’ option for collections.
We’d like to turn it off for all collections by default OR prevent people from turning it on at all. Looks like this is only at a collection level (which I’ve already locked down)


@Deborah Sanderfur shared:

We have ours set to OFF for the collection level as well.


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Thanks for passing this conversation over, Chris! I’d love to hear how other teams have thought about managing public Card sharing for their Collections. 

As you shared, teams can manage whether Cards can be turned Public or not on a Collection by Collection basis.

It may also be helpful to note that when a Card is Public, only users who have the link can view the Card’s content, and the Card will not appear in a Google search unless it is linked in a public website.