How do you monitor your Guru tags?

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How do you keep an eye on tags as people will definitely add new ones? I don't see a report that will show tags added in last X days or tag added by Y user. We've redone ours and even though we're going to ask folks to not add new ones, they probably will if they don't see the one they want :slightlysmilingface:

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might not help you at the moment but in the Zapier beta, you could get a trigger for when new tags are created that you could hook up to Slack for a DM or a private channel notification
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ah nice! i'll make a note of that.
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Looking to learn more about how people do this as well!

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@kelly Thanks for bumping this post! 🙌🏻I would love to hear how other customers have thought about organizing/managing tags on their team.

We do have some Guru resources on this topic:


Lastly, internally we use Card templates and add reminders within the template of which tags to use, which can prevent users from adding tags incorrectly: 



I hope these resources are helpful - would love to hear any thoughts, questions, or other ideas below!

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+1 to @Ian Link’s Zapier recommendation. I created a Zap so that when new Tags are added, the Tag is logged in a new row in a Google Sheet. Love the idea to post to Slack, too!