How do you share customer learnings across your internal teams?

  • 16 September 2021
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Hey everyone! How do you all create processes and workflows to share customer learnings across your internal teams?

On the Support Team at Guru, we have a few ways we've done this. I'd love to hear any other tactics you all use to share knowledge within your teams!

  1. A bi-weekly Support Knowledge Exchange

    1. Every other week during our team meeting, each team member documents a short reflection and learning on a recent customer interaction they had. They document these stories in a Guru Card using a template. Below is an example of our template Card that each team member uses:


    2. In our live meeting, the team member presents their Card and shares out their story. We spend a few minutes as a team listening and asking any follow-up questions.

    3. As a team, we emphasize any key takeaways that the team member took away from the interaction. One key action item is using the customer interaction to update any documentation or tweak any internal processes.

    4. These Cards all live within our Technical Support Team's Guru Collection, so we can go back and reference learnings. Below is a screenshot of what this looks like our own Guru team: 


  2. Sharing glows ✨ and grows 🌱 in weekly team meetings

    1. In our live meetings, we create space each week for glows and grows. This gives team members time to share out wins and challenges they encountered, so we can all learn from each other.

How do you and your teams share learnings? I'm excited to hear more about any techniques that work well for you!
@Siobhan Hyser @Kaitlin Warren @Ben Sykes any others, would love to hear any examples or processes you all have!

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Great thread June! As y’all pop in and think about your workflows, Sean Mancillas, lead of the the Customer Concierge team at Delighted, recently shared this VOC Overview template with us. This template is great for sharing top requests and themes with your broader team. Could be one option to include in your workflow!

Everyone’s welcome to grab it, and check out our Guru Template Index for more!