How do you use favorite lists to organize and easily surface your Cards?

  • 8 October 2021
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Hey everyone! Curious, how do you all organize your favorite Cards? 

I was hit hard by the back-to-school ads this September 🍎  and felt inspired to get in the spirit and organize my Guru instance. I pulled out all of the stops: I finally worked through that growing verification queue, responded to some outstanding comments and really began to feel that classic fall feeling of being back in a routine with a clean slate.

As part of this clean-up, I also decided to re-examine how I was using my Favorite Cards and Lists. Here are a couple of helpful action items I wanted to share:

  1. Create an “Action Needed” Favorite List.  I can’t believe I haven’t done this before! This is a great place to store Cards that you want to look at again or have a direct action item related to. I also set up a weekly reminder in Slack to take a look at these Cards so the list is maintained. 

  2. Create temporary lists for current project work. Favorites Lists are easy to edit/update so don’t feel pressure to create them with the intention of using them forever! I created a specific list with Cards I’m using a lot this quarter for a project I’m working on, but will re-examine its necessity after this work is complete. 

  3. Use Favorite Cards to improve search. In a support role, I am often using Guru to pull up sample responses for common questions. You can filter your results to include only favorited Cards, which makes it easy to surface those Cards you know you are looking for. Keep this in mind when curating your Favorite Cards!

Those were some learnings from me, but would love to hear about how you all use Favorite Cards and Lists! We can all get in the back-to-school mindset together and learn from each other. 🧠


1 reply

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@kelly @Amy Behm  I know you're both a fan of favoriting (and we appreciate the product feedback you've given in the past to make this feature even better!) What are your go-to favorite card lists?