How do you use Guru to collaborate with other departments? 

  • 28 September 2021
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Hey everyone! How do you use Guru to collaborate with other departments? 

Being on Guru’s Technical Support team, I work closely with many different departments (engineering, sales, CS, etc.) and it’s so important that we all have access to the information we need to stay on the same page. 

This quarter, I’ve focused on creating processes for our Revenue teams (AMs/AEs/CSMs) to follow when they collaborate with our Technical Support team on customer issues. Our Support team uses Intercom and as of right now, we don't have a set process in place when our Revenue team members escalate technical issues to our team. This can lead to a bit of confusion across our teams. There’s a few different ways I’ve utilized Guru to create this process:

  1. Break up content so it’s easy for others to read: I’ve created a Guru Card with bulleted steps, tables, and dividers to document a well-defined process that’s still easy to read and understand. Here’s an example of a table I've inserted to break up the Card content:


  1. Send a Knowledge Alert: Once this process is finalized and ready to share with the Revenue teams, I’ll send a Knowledge Alert to alert the teams of the published Card. This is a great way to alert other departments of new and important information, and you have visibility into who has read the Knowledge Alert. 

  2. Comment on Cards: I love using Card Comments to communicate with other departments! I think it’s a great way to collaborate with other team members and seek clarity directly on the Card. By “@mention”ing another team member, you can discuss in the comment section of the Card and don’t need to move your conversation to Slack or another tool:


Would love to hear how you all collaborate with other departments using Guru! Feel free to thread your thoughts and ideas below! 🙂

4 replies

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 @Hassan Muhammad @Jacob Touchette @Siobhan and any others - would love to hear how you all use Guru to do this! :grinning:

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@Kassidy Butler very similar to the approach you’ve outlined! Have ‘easily digestible’ cards with links to other cards in a language all teams can understand, and utilize Knowledge Alerts/Slack Channels/Emails to get teams’ attention. There is usually a discussion that takes place in the first few days in the card comments, following which the card is updated and all comments are resolved.

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I really like the idea of discussing in Card Comments before any changes are made! Thanks for sharing :) @Hassan Muhammad 

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Our Sales Team keeps a card updated in our Product Support Collection about the criteria for escalation to Sales. We’re also exploring the Ask an Expert feature for questions that don’t need an immediate answer (will update if that goes well!) 

We are very heavy Slack users so most of our comms takes place in there. :grin: