How does your team keep track of customer insights in Guru?

  • 21 September 2021
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Good morning! 👋 How does your team keep track of customer insights in Guru? After you've compiled these insights, how do you share them across other teams?

Here at Guru, we have a Technical Support Collection for our Support team. Within it, we have a Customer Insights and Support Data Board. 

This Board includes the following information: 

  1. A Card with our Support Data Strategy: this is our north star of how our Support team uses insights at Guru

  2. A Section with how we track customer-facing insights: this includes the tagging conventions we use and different resources that we pull data from

  3. Multiple sections with our data insight data: Using our embed tool, we create Cards with both Google PowerPoints and Google Sheets for each asset that we've used to present our data findings to other teams inside of Guru. In this way, we have a record of our past data, and the data is accessible to anyone when they need it! 🙌


You can take a look at how we organize this below:

How do you and your team use Guru to organize your data? I'd love to learn any other creative ideas or formats below: ⬇️

2 replies

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@Ali Berman , @Michelle Williams  @Jacob Touchette and others - I’d love to see examples or screenshots your team has that you can share. 😄I’m also curious about how your team shares customer insights across the rest of your organization.

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Following up on this thread, Sean Mancillas, lead of the the Customer Concierge team at Delighted, recently shared this VOC Overview template with us. This template is great for sharing top requests and themes with your broader team. Everyone’s welcome to grab it, and check out our Guru Template Index for more!