How does your team use Ask an Expert?

  • 17 January 2023
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We’re trying to think of ways to implement the Ask an Expert feature. We tried in the past but it failed because we hadn’t thought the process through. We’re very heavy on using Slack but obviously, Slack doesn’t lead to creating Guru cards and thus, valuable information gets lost in the slack noise.

I’d love to speak with someone who has implemented the feature and the company has adopted it to avoid reinventing the wheel and making the mistakes we can avoid.

Anyone would be open to talk and walk me through their steps?

4 replies

Hi @Gabriela Boska I would be open to talking about my experience.

In our previous platform, we had a similar ‘ask’ feature….not a single person used it. Despite pitching the benefits of capturing knowledge within our system, everyone just resorted to Slack convos...with people even saying “well you can search Slack too, so what?”

I am doubting this type of ‘ask’ functionality in general, no matter the platform.

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That’s a valid point @David MacVicar that’s why we also started testing the Trending topics feature to see if that may help us but still, I’m hoping there may be a success story that I need to hear to get inspired.

@Gabriela Boska I would love to hear how/if the latest Trending Topics release has helped with this problem!