How does your team use Guru & Churn0 (CS Platform)

  • 4 October 2021
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Hi all- hoping for some advice from the community for anyone that currently uses CS platforms like ChurnZero, Gainsight, or Totango!


We are onboarding ChurnZero, will help our CS team automate a lot of our playbooks, automatically serving up what steps to take, resources to share, etc with customers when certain behaviors or actions are detected. We currently have all of these resources living in Guru.


My initial vision is that this content will be migrated into ChurnZero as to inform our automated “checklists”, but will refer back to Guru for more detailed information (such as call scripts to follow), and Guru will also have the high level information of what is in ChurnZero.


However, I’d love to hear from any one that currently uses platforms like these, and how they have the two setup to compliment each other. 





1 reply

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We’re about to purchase either Totango, Strikedeck, or Gainsight… so I’m eager to hear any responses to this too! :)