How does your team use Knowledge Triggers?

  • 21 October 2021
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Hi everyone!

I'm curious to hear how does your Guru team use Knowledge Triggers? What questions do you have about our Knowledge Trigger feature?

Knowledge Triggers can be used to surface information using the Guru extension over specific webpages. On the Support team, we use Knowledge Triggers in a few different ways:

Logging Bugs:

  1. We have a Guru Card that outlines how to assign a bug based on our internal engineering system

  2. When we are over, we surface that Card automatically in the extension for easy access, no search required!


Customer Conversations:

  1. When using Intercom, our chat platform, we use Knowledge Triggers to surface information about the tags that we use to keep track of customer conversations


I'd love to hear how your team uses Knowledge Triggers or answer any questions you might have about the feature!

You can also watch this Deep Dive session on Knowledge Triggers for some more examples. 😄

5 replies

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@Bethany Beech and @Zev Zoldan , I can see that you’ve both written about setting up Knowledge Triggers in the past - curious if you have any use cases you’d be willing to share with Knowledge Triggers that have worked for your team? Thank you! 

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Hi @Devon O'Dwyer , 

For our CS Team, we are creating K-Triggers mainly in Intercom, to find Chatbot Tags and give the agents the right Process-related cards for that ending. Moreover, We have organize our Knowledge structure to have a similar architecture to our Chatbot, so we can trigger one specific board for each Chatbot ending. 
We have also created some specific for Clients Triggering when their client ID appears. (Client ID equals XXXX). 

When creating the K-Triggers we have come up with some challenges & Doubts: 

  1. How can we know the triggers are working or have insights of how they are performing? WE have tested them and sometimes they are lagging, but more important than that, how can i convinced my team to create Triggers if i cannot know that Agents use them.  Possible solution: Analytics counting when a card was access through a K-Trigger (?)
  2. Increasing the effectiveness by using Code:  If we could code the trigger in order to restrict the area where to surface information, the Trigger could be Quicker and more effective. 
  3. Managing Triggers: The only way to access triggers, to edit, errase, etc is through the chrome extension, It would be great if we could have the information in the WEb app as well.  Moreover, all triggers are group together, they could be group by collection or owner. 

I hope this information is insightful! 

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@Devon O'Dwyer I tried to access that Deep Dive card you have linked and it errored and said to contact Guru Admins.  I’m really digging into utilizing pinned cards and knowledge triggers right now and looking for all the examples I can to help drive my direction. 

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@Kendall Sipp-Paris Hi Kendall! We updated the link, so you should be able to use it now. 


Let me know if you have any issues accessing it, I think that Card will give you some inspiration of examples of how to set up triggers.

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@Devon O'Dwyer got it!  Thank you!