How have you created urgency to get things done at your org? How did you leverage Guru to support?

  • 12 October 2021
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Hey everyone 👋🏻,


One of the most successful ways to create change within an organization is to create urgency and communicate that urgency. How have you created a positive sense of urgency at your organization to get things done, for example, rolling out Guru? Any fun, unique methods that made the change really stick?

At Guru, we follow the Rule of 7: people need to hear something 7 times for it to stick. Therefore, our internal comms strategy is multi-channel when we need to to communicate big important changes.

We leverage:

  1. Guru Knewsletters via Knowledge Alerts

  2. Slack announcements channel with links to Guru cards and Loom videos

  3. Virtual Town Halls

  4. Team Meetings, 1:1s, etc.


These Guru Card templates can help if you're looking to improve your process:

  1. 12+ Change Management Templates

  2. Template: Noom's Weekly Team Announcements

  3. Postscript's Revenue Team Newsletter Template

How have you approached communicating big changes at your company? How has Guru been able to support that?

2 replies

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@Gabriel Ginorio  @Toni Crowell 'Thrasio' , I know there's a ton of growth at Thrasio. How do you manage change and reinforce updates?

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I’ll lean on @Alyssa Huat, @Sophie Stone and @Helaine Bach to chime in, but we definitely do Guru’s #2 and #3. Slack is our main communication platform and we use it every day to share Guru cards. In addition, we plug Guru card sin company wide meetings every week/month. We’ve also done two kinds of fun/unique ways to encourage documentation of our processes in Guru via Verification Jams and Content Jams. Verification Jams, I’ll let @Sophie Stone explain, but Content Jams I sort of pioneered at Thrasio as the most effective way to bulk document processes. This Guru blog post explains it best. That said, we definitely have opportunity to test Knowledge Alerts and Newsletters. If someone has experience with these, would love to hear your thoughts.