How have you gotten your team to look at Guru before asking team members for answers?

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Hey y'all! What's an approach that's worked well to get folks to look into Guru first before slacking team members for answers? At Postscript. we're still learning but when someone asks a question that someone else knows lives in Guru, we use . But..... how can we prevent this?

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Answering questions with cards through the slack integration -- after a while, everyone realizes the answers are on guru.
almost like asking a question and being told it's the first result on google. after a while you'll just check google first
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We also talk about Guru content in sales meetings, whether as a refresher or an introduction to new content.
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We also have a weekly slackbot reminder for our Guru committee members to remind folks to use the integration as a reminder to check in Guru.screenshot2021-05-21at102032am_5948.png
Another good habit to model and build a norm around is, when asking a question in Slack, saying "I searched Guru for x and didn't find anything. Does anyone know ______?" Example below. Then you can build a workflow around either directly in Slack or via ) :slightlysmilingface:screenshot2021-05-21at125315pm_5953.png