How have you reinforced for your team to use email templates in Guru?

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Hi all! We have a big push to get our CSMs using more email templates to make them more efficient; we've organized things in Guru to make it easy to see what's available and are thinking about training / rollout now. 
In the past, we've found it difficult to get people to use them- mostly because they forget they are there. Has anyone ever had similar challenges? If so, what did you do in terms of training / enforcement to help encourage usage? Thank you!

Best answer by Hassan Muhammad 20 May 2021, 23:51

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Hey Renee, have you tried using knowledge triggers? I have set up cards with some email best practices that are triggered (via the Guru Chrome Extension) every time my teammates are on gmail.comKnowledge Triggers: Overview
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@hmuhammad that's exactly what I was going to suggest!
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Ohhh great suggestion @hmuhammad and @ssundell I will check that out! I haven't used that feature yet but sounds like it can definitely help.