How Noom optimizes Guru content for their end user

  • 25 April 2022
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In a recent Deep Dive, we had the chance to learn from @Lindsey Hart , Coach Project Manager at Noom. She shared Noom’s journey optimizing and maintaining they way they structure content in Guru for their end users—no small feat considering their Guru instance has 3,500+ users and over 10,000+ Guru Cards! 


How Noom uses Guru: 

  • Guru supported Noom through rapid growth and the hiring of 1,000+ Health Coaches
  • Noom’s coaches use Slack for internal communication and leverage the Guru bot to save answers to repeat questions.
  • Guru stores all of their onboarding, process, and product information
  • Read more about Noom’s journey with Guru in this case study

Questions covered with Lindsey: 

  • Tell us about your specific challenges at Noom around structuring content (findability and uniformity)
  • How did you learn about the individual users you were working with to inform your strategy? 
  • What did you do to make content easier to find in Guru?
  • How do you package those learnings to guide content creation moving forward?  
  • What advice would you give to those structuring content, focused on optimizing and maintaining that content over time? 


Watch the full Deep Dive here: 


Questions for Lindsey? Have a takeaway you’d love to share? Drop em down below!




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