How to bulk upload/create cards by CSV?

  • 20 February 2020
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have you guys ever thought about implementing a bulk upload feature via csv? for instance, we just launched a new product and have tons of FAQ's that we are putting in one by one. i would love to have been able to put those in a sheet and upload. i could then fill in the context if necessary.
this also came up with our CSM team. they all worked as a group to put together plays for objection handling but they were all built together outside of guru. so they then had to put them in guru but wished to be able to bulk upload

Best answer by Priya Ranganath 20 February 2020, 22:10

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3 replies

Hey Brianna! You can do this today via a spreadsheet formatted in the following way:
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omg! amazing! thank you so much!!!!
of course! let us know if you have any q's :slightlysmilingface: