How to format intricate process mapping in cards

  • 26 August 2021
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I’m new to Guru, and I’m building out a collection for our support team. One of our boards “Support Processes & How To’s” is dedicated to step-by-step instructions for solving/troubleshooting/investigating common issues. I’m getting stuck on how to format cards for some of our more complex issues, which involve multiple steps and an “if yes, do this / if no, do this” decision tree-type support logic. 


I’m wondering if anyone has any tips for how to format or structure these more complex cards. Are you listing all of the steps in one card, or breaking up the steps into different cards and linking them throughout? Any advice would be much appreciated!

3 replies

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Thank you for this question Maddie! @Gabriel Ginorio @Donovan Watts I remember talking to you both about processes in Guru before, wondering what your latest thinking is on noting it in cards?

@Donovan Watts throwback - I was thinking of the visuals you included in your Donovan’s Brain Template!

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Hey Maddie! We definitely have a quite a few processes that end up being more complex with steps that won’t always apply in a given situation. I’ve leaned completely into using Markdown (and anchors) via this technique:

I’ll just add a “Jump to X Step” into the instructions after asking a qualifying question.

Here’s an example:

The Step 11 line is actually created with markdown, and the hyperlink is an anchor that will jump you straight to the designated section. Most of our processes are still pretty linear, so this has worked well for us. Hope this helps! :)

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Hey Hannah!

Your response was super helpful, thank you so much! Really appreciate it.