How to Print a Card?

  • 14 October 2022
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Is there a way to print a card where the formatting of the card will remain?  I have a group that would like to be able to print a card and take the printed version with them to do inventory vs. taking their laptop to look at the card to do inventory or their mobile.  Below is what has been tried?

  • Right click on the card and print - formatting shows the entire web page 
  • Coping the content of the card to a document - if there are pictures they are not showing 
  • What has been able to print is PDF’s linked to cards 

Any suggestions?


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2 replies

Hi @Paula Schwartz - have you tried downloading a Card as a PDF then printing the PDF? That might be the best option currently, but if this isn’t a good solution, let us know and we can convert this post into a product feedback post. Thanks!

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That worked great, thank you!