How Wealthsimple mapped their Guru knowledge 🗺️

  • 25 April 2022
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How Wealthsimple mapped their Guru knowledge 🗺️


In a recent Deep Dive, we had the chance to learn from @Jag Gill , Senior Specialist, Training & QA at Wealthsimple. He shared how he navigated mapping knowledge into Guru during implementation. Dive into Jag’s journey, and ask him questions below!



How Wealthsimple uses Guru: 

  • Guru is the first resource new Customer Experience Associates use at Wealthsimple use when looking for a solution to a client’s problem

  • Guru is integrated into Wealthsimple’s LMS (Lessonly) and complements our training process 

  • It helps reduce noise in Slack channels dedicated to onboarding new Customer Experience Associates

Questions covered with Jag: 

  • What were your challenges structuring content in Guru?
  • What did you tackle first?
  • Once you audited the content, how did you approach getting the content into Guru?

  • What were the wins after this process for Wealthsimple?

  • What advice would you give someone who is at the implementation stage, looking to structure their content? 


Questions for Jag? Have a takeaway you’d love to share? Drop em down below!

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