Image links/files on deleted cards?

  • 19 December 2022
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Hi all - we are trying to prepare to have a process in place if pii data needs to be deleted (if anybody has any best practices, we’d love to hear). But our bigger question is that when we delete cards, we see that the image file link still exists. Can we get some clarity on when cards are deleted and what happens to files/images/etc that are associated with the card?

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2 replies

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Hi Lynn, I see what you mean and I’m happy to shed some light on this situation. At present, deleting a Card will not delete the file attachment from the Guru database, although the only person who would be able to access the file attachment would be the person who originally uploaded the file to the Card. From a broader perspective, Guru purges all content 90 days post contract churn, and it's during that process that all content and file attachments are fully purged from the Guru database.

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