In this economic downturn, what challenges are you facing?

  • 15 July 2022
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I know we’re all dealing with different challenges in this current macro economic environment, ranging from increased scrutiny on all expenses to shifts in strategy to the heightened risk of downsizing and more. What challenges are you all experiencing, or are you starting to think ahead about proactively?

If we can surface some of the challenges we’re working through, this can be a space where we can support one another and offer helpful guidance, shared experiences, and resources. 

Along these lines, we’re holding a two-part Deep Dive webinar series coming up on how to measure and articulate the value of KM and Guru (part 1), and proactively guide conversations about consolidating other tools into Guru (part 2), and I’d love any and all input on how we can shape these sessions (and other resources) to best support you over the coming months. Thanks in advance for your candid input!

1 reply

Just wanted to bump this discussion, looping in a few folks - @Nathan Anderson @Ernest Mucheru @Amelia Altstadt @Alex Armstead @Ian Link @Gabriela Boska @Zev Zoldan any thoughts you’re able to share on challenges you’re experiencing related to the economic downturn, or things you’re starting to think ahead about proactively?