Initiate Guru answers using a custom Slack emoji

  • 17 January 2024
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During our trial period, we are currently exploring the various features of Guru. I have come to understand that in order to search for knowledge base articles within Slack, we can either type "@guru" or "/guru" followed by the desired content. By doing so, Guru will retrieve all relevant information from its knowledge base and display it within Slack.

However, I am curious if there is an alternative method where we can use a custom emoji instead of "@guru" or "/guru" to initiate this process. If such an option exists, could you kindly explain how it works? This would be a significant feature for us moving forward with Guru. Thank you for your assistance.


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6 replies

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Hi @Shikha Verma - I would love to answer this question!  To best help, can you clarify what you’d like to do using Guru + an emoji in Slack?  What kind of challenge do you see this functionality solving that would make it a significant feature for you moving forward?



Hi Molly,
Thanks for getting back to me.
We are currently utilizing the application 'Halp', which offers a functionality where a request is automatically raised whenever we select an emoji (such as the ticket emoji). Hence, we are in search of a similar feature. Instead of using '@guru' or '/guru', our aim is to have a Guru card appear when users click on any custom (specific) emoji that pertains to their question. This would greatly assist us. Thank you for your attention!

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Thanks @Shikha Verma for the clarification! it sounds like you’re looking for a simpler way to have Guru respond to questions in Slack without having to type “@guru” or “/guru” and you’re familiar with the Halp approach that requires a user to respond to messages with an emojis. Guru does not have this specific functionality, but we do have 2 things I think will help you: 

  1. Using AI Enterprise Search in Slack to automatically respond to questions that are posted.  Our Suggested Answers in Slack feature will automatically respond to questions that are asked with a Question Mark using AI for 1 or 2 Slack channels that see a high volume of questions. 
  2. When a question is asked in Slack a user can use Slack actions to ask Guru to respond with a card.  This requires a user to click into actions > click Answer with Card > and post the card.  

Both of these will give your team quick answers to their questions without requiring any additional typing.  You can learn about both in this article.


Give these a try - specifically #1 😏 because it’s the easiest way to see all the great answers you have in your Guru Trial!

Hi Molly,
Thanks for sharing the information. 
Could you kindly assist me with the first solution you mentioned earlier? It appears that it will improve our search functionality, but I am unsure about the specific steps I should take. Could you please provide guidance? Thank you for your assistance!

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Of course @Shikha Verma ! I’ve gone ahead and put this loom video together for you that covers:

  • How to prepare a Slack channel for suggested answers
  • How to configure Guru’s settings to push answers in Slack
  • An example of asking a question with a question mark (?)  and seeing my answer with relevant sources.  

I hope this video is helpful and gives you the outcomes you’re looking for!  This help center article also has some great information in the section titled: Enabling suggested answers in public Slack channels (Beta).


Please feel free to reply here with any questions or clarifications you have!


I’ll also add - the Digital CS team at Guru is hosting a webinar in 2 weeks on Feb 12 @ 2:00 EST that will focus entirely on this AI Enterprise Search & Answers feature.  If you’re interested you can Register Here!

It worked!

Thank you so much Molly.