Internal (k)newsletters - how does your team share knowledge news and updates?

  • 10 February 2023
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Hey everyone! I’m curious to know how your companies use internal newsletters, specifically for sharing knowledge news and updates.

On my end, we have started a Knewsletter using Guru Announcements for our Support team to keep them apprised of product and operation news/changes, new Guru cards, action items, and celebrations (anniversaries, events, etc). We also include a “⚡️Fast Fact” which is a quick, 2-4 sentence info bite about topical product info or workflows.

Initially this Knewsletter was bi-weekly, but we saw engagement drop so we’re looking to switch things up, as stuff changes fast around here and it’s important for the team to keep up-to-date. As we’re re-thinking the Knewsletter, these are top of mind:

  • Moving to a monthly cadence
  • Scheduling time for the team to read it 
  • Improving the look/formatting 

Any thoughts on how to best deliver news/updates? How are you maintaining engagement? I’d love to see examples of what you find works well to keep the team in the know. 


Thanks! 🎉

2 replies

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In our org, we’ve created a knowledge council group and have several SMEs and leaders on each of our teams engaged and driving adoption. We let the team leaders and expert corral, create, and send out these newsletters that are more digestable and targeted to their audiences (we have 3 different vertical on our Member Experience teams, Support, Sales, and Tech). 


We’ve seen really great adoption and engagement metrics because these newsletters come from their peers vs. from leadership. Our council members on each team bring announcements, highlights, and feedback to their weekly team meetings. Our Managers have monthly performance conversations around adoption and acknowledgment of the Knowledge Announcements as part of their QA. We also see them posting the links to the news letter in our company Slack channel to increase engagement as well. 


We’ve also involved our team and provided a pathway for them to give us feedback about what’s missing, what’s needed, and then show them the action we’ve taken in those team meeting spaces (we have a dedicated process/operations team and manage this through an Asana form outside Guru, but we report back to the SME’s and council members on the changes we’ve implemented based on the feedback) so team members look forward to seeing the updates that they’ve put up and what impact they’ve had on the team on the newsletters. 


Our Managers and Team Leads are really a big driving force of success. We brought them in early with other leaders on the team to get them to be cheerleaders of the platform by showing them how it could impact their time, team, and efficiency. I think a lot of our success has come from getting buy in from everyone and showing them the value of reading the newsletters and all other content in the ecosystem. By crowdsourcing this, everyone feels connected to it and are maintainers of it!  

Thanks for your response, @Devin Luby !

These are some great insights - and I like that you have a ‘knowledge council’; that sounds so fun. I love how you get buy in from the team and really embed the newsletters in your culture & community engagement... more participation in the creation process begets investment in its success!