Is anyone using Guru with Loom?

  • 5 February 2021
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hello friends! is anyone using :gurulogo: in combination with loom? if so, i'd love to chat!

7 replies

@smayernick just loom or any similar video service? Like embedding explainer loom videos in cards, or other use cases?
loom specifically
@smayernick and @chrisanderson - I would love to chat about this as well. We use Loom heavily with our business. As we are a 100% remote business (even before the Pandemic), we use Loom to explain projects and workflows internally. As we are getting our guru card created, we will be adding Looms to many (if not all) of the cards. Any best practices? Suggestions?
@mhouston (in regard to our conversation yesterday), @ialam and @epanken @crojewski (for your expertise with this!) @lwilson (fyi)
Great to hear @c.hoskins! I typically embed Loom videos directly in cards, but other than that, I don't have other best practices at the moment. @smayernick may have thoughts or follow up questions though!
hey @c.hoskins i'd love to chat about how we're thinking through this internally. i'll shoot you a DM!
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Love this topic! We are looking at adding more Looms to our guru cards as well. We recently just launched a LMS (learning management system) and are hoping to explore the best use case for when to use a module in the LMS v Loom in Guru.