Is Guru meant for use for standard operating procedures (SOP)?

  • 8 April 2021
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Is Guru meant for use for standard operating procedures (SOP)? I'm trying to create cards for the next steps for customer onboarding. We have multiple different customer onboarding flows depending on whether they are a current customer or new and which product they are purchasing which also determines which email templates to use. How can I do that while also keeping the cards "byte-sized"? Is there a how-to guide for this use-case?

2 replies

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Maybe not the exact same use case, but for our onboarding we have a general agent onboarding program and then "specialist" onboarding programs depending on what part of the product the agent will be supporting.
In order to create a sort of mix & match/choose your own adventure onboarding experience for each of these specializations without having to duplicate info, we create weekly overview cards that link out to the various other cards with info they will need to onboard. Sort of a table of contents that allows us to use the other cards a modules we can stack together to create what looks like a seamless experience to the person who is onboarding.
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creating an overview (table of contents) card has been helpful! the users can just favorite one card and it links out to other cards under that board / section / or other collections