Is it possible to duplicate (or clone) a card?

  • 13 October 2021
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Is it possible to create a clone of an existing card?  I am looking for a way to have the same card exist in two different collections and/or boards so that the content is the same and any future edits to either card would be reflected on both cards?


Best answer by Callie Rojewski 13 October 2021, 21:20

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Hey @Evan Daily ! Currently, we don't allow for one Card or a Board to live in two Collections at once. If there are Cards with the same information that could belong in multiple Collections, we recommend making a Collection where these Cards can live so that anyone who needs that information can get to it across teams. This knowledge will show up in search for any user that has access to the appropriate Collection.


If you have a full Board that you'd like to duplicate into another Collection, it might make sense to make that Board a Collection and consolidate all that knowledge in one place, and make it accessible to all users who need it. Another option is our Board Permissions feature, which allows you to share Boards with teammates who don't have read access to the rest of the Collection.


There were some great hacks shared in this thread if you want to take a look, specifically one by @BethAnne Freund  re:mirroring cards in multiple collections:


See also:

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Thanks for the reply @Callie Rojewski 


My use case is this:  I am considering using Guru for both internal staff, our resellers and our customers.  Internally and Resellers, for support of our technical platform and trying to make “Tribal Knowledge” more efficient.  Also for customers for them to use for reference and training.  We have multiple technical platforms the company offers and Collections are divided up by platform.  There is potential for a card that we create for internal reference might apply across our platforms and also to have application for the customer.  I don’t necessarily want the customer to see all our internal reference material.  And I don’t want the card owner to have to manage multiple versions of the card.

I’ll check out the hack, but hacks always make me nervous for deployments.  But if it works.  BAM!  

Thanks again.


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Ditto here - Notion has a feature called “synced blocks” that does something similar - it allows us to create a single-source-of-truth piece of content that is then included in multiple sections, but if you make an update, it syncs across. This would be really helpful when we have a “general card” that I might want to include in multiple places, like in a collection related to specific processes that still use the “general card”.

I would love a clone feature for the following use case:

I create a card that grows into too much detail for one card, and I need to split it into two cards. The new card may need to sit in the same board, with the same set of tags, the same verify details etc.

If I could clone the card, I could chop half from one and half from the other, change the title and then it’s all done, without having to re-tag, set verify details, boards etc. It would save SO much time! The clone feature is so useful in so many apps for this reason.

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Can you embed the card instead? And perhaps use Board Permissions somehow so that they aren’t able to click through and see the internal Collection? 

Since cards can be on multiple boards, you could have a Board that is for sharing with the external users and put those cards there as well as on the main Board for them. I haven’t tested this but maybe it would work? 😁


You don’t offer a way to CLONE a card?


That’s a borderline dealbreaker.