Is there a way to add footnotes in a card?

  • 22 March 2022
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I’d like to add markers within the main text of a card that point to footnotes at the bottom of the card.

Is this possible?

1 reply

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Hi Jimmy, Marie with Guru Support here! Really great question and I’m happy to take a closer look at this and make some suggestions. 😄 

There, unfortunately, isn’t a built-in feature for inserting text markers at this time. Our recommendation is typically to keep Card knowledge bite-sized. When there is the need to link to other knowledge, we recommend using the built-in Card-to-Card linking feature or hyperlinking text to the URL of another Guru Card (or website).

As a workaround, our Markdown blocks make it possible to create anchor text which can act as a link to other parts of the Guru Card. Here’s the relevant Help Center article that describes in more detail how to link to headings throughout the Card and an example of what this could look like:

This text will not be within the same line as the rest of the text, however. I understand if this isn’t ideal.

You're also not the first person to ask for this capability! 🤓 Please check out this Community post upvote, and subscribe to be notified of future updates on this request from our Product team.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with! You can reach myself and the Support team directly at any time by emailing