Is there a way to automatically alphabetize sections and Groups?

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Hi all! I add a couple of quick questions for the group. Is there a way to automatically alphabetize sections / groups? Also is there any way to show the last updated/verified timestamp on the front of the card? To clarify, one user doesn't want to click the card then click Details he was hoping we could potentially put the last verified timestamp on the front of the card itself. Let me know, thank you!

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1⃣ There's not a way to alphabetize Sections in Guru. We've heard this request from several customers before though, so happy to share this with our product team as feedback. Can you elaborate on why you're hoping to alphabetize your Sections?
2⃣ If you click on the Verification Status on a Card, you'll see a pop-up with the last Verified Date on the front of the Card. You unfortunately can't see last edited date unless you click into the "Details" section, like you mentioned.image_5969.png
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thanks @jzhang!! Right now my team is working on creating reports for our end users. Right now there are about 30 but i see that number growing in the coming months. We have it structured in Guru so each report has its own board. It's not a big deal to have it alphabetized I figured it might be a bit cleaner/more organized if it were.
As for number 2 I went back to my team about using the Verification Status to check cards and they mentioned that they don't verify cards with each new edit because it helps them keep track of what is ready/not ready. So there are situations when the card may have been edited a couple times but not verified. Is there potentially any plan to add last edited to that "Verification Status"? If not, no worries, just wondering!
Thanks again!