Is there any way to limit Card Template visibility?

  • 3 August 2021
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Hey all!

So this is going to be a super random question, but is there any way to edit the actual visibility of the templates? It’s a difficult thing to try to explain, but we have 14 or 15 different templates, one for each of the products that we have support, and they’re all getting used.

Our Support Engineers themselves however, only work on a (at most) 2 products, and they can only write into the collections that they work on through the Groups and Permissions that have been set for them, but even if the templates aren’t relevant to that one individual, they still see them.

So I guess the TLDR question is, is it possible to tie templates to specific Groups / Permissions, so we can ensure that the templates that are displayed are tailored to that users characteristics.


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5 replies

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IDK if you can change this to a Product Feedback request - but I was in here to suggest the same thing. 

We only have our CE Team in Guru at present but already have a dozen templates. It would be much easier to enforce/encourage template use if it was filtered to your group memberships. 

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@Ben Sykes Hi Ben! Thanks for sharing this context about your team’s template usage. We currently don’t have the ability to “restrict” templates to certain permissions, but I can definitely understand how this would be helpful for your team. 

  • In the meantime, I would suggest that you make the titles of the templates clear (maybe you can edit their name to include their intended audience or Collection?). You could also add a message at the top of the template itself reinforcing who its intended audience is - we sometimes put reminders at the top of our templates, like this: 
  • I’d love to hear how have other teams organized their templates? 

@Siobhan Hyser is right, this would be a great idea for our Product Feedback section! We recommend reading our suggestions on how to provide actionable feedback here, and then creating a feedbackpost here with more details about your team’s template usage.

Thanks for sharing! :grin:

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@Devon O'Dwyer , I’ve got it set up that way, but it was more of a “am I missing this feature as I can’t find it” as I’ve had some Engineers click on the wrong template and it’s meant that the cards they’ve created have had default tags that I aren’t correct, and it’s caused a few minor issues. The joys of misclicking and confusion! :joy:

I’ll reraise this as product feedback then 

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I agree that the prefix isn’t enough when there’s a scrolling window that only shows 4 or 5 at a time out of dozens. I’ll look for the feedback post!

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@Siobhan Hyser - this is the feedback post I raised: